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Communication link failure

Question asked by Pete Yodis on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Pete Yodis

I am having a very intermittent communication link failure while using EDPM.  I have been working with Joy Garon (Thanks Joy!) and my reseller to find the issue.  The issue does not seem to be EPDM related, but somewhere between my machine ( and others) and the server that EDPM runs on.  The connection is being dropped very intermittently.  The connection issue does not persist, either.  The EPDM log records that a connection was lost, but that is it.  There is no Anti-Virus running on the server.  Each computer in the office here has a direct run back to a gigabit Dell swtich (new within the last 6 months).  The new Dell Power Edge server (less than 6 months old) is connected to that same switch.  We are on EDPM 2013 with SQL Server 2008 R2.  There is nothing in the event logs on the server about the connection issue.  We just turned network discovery on in the server (had been off).  We also are updating the PERC driver (raid hardware controller) as it was seen it was out of date.  I am throwing this out to the forums to see if someone has seen the issue and what their solution was if they found one.  I really don't want to go live with this issue affecting new users to EPDM.  I experience the issue very intermittently.  It could be a week or longer before I see the issue, or I could see it every day or multiple times a day.  Its been difficult to troubleshoot.