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    Batch Print Utility

    Wayne Schafer

      I tried using the batch print utility but had some problems.  It appears that unless your print setting for each file you are trying to batch print does not match the print setting size you put in for the batch print size, they do not print correctly.  Example:  If I set the batch print size to 8.5 x 11 and the print setting for the some of the files called out in the batch print are 11 x 17 they will not reduce to fit on the 8.5 x 11 that I have setup for the batch print.  Does someone have a macro or any ideas?  I am using SW2013.  Thanks

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          Matt Martens

          Based on what I have seen in the Task Scheduler (I am assuming that's what you meant by batch print utility), this capability is not there. You get all of your prints at one size and zoom level. I could be wrong.


          So, the possibility exists that you could have a macro to do this. The problem with macros related to adjusting print settings and printing is that each specific printer requires a different set of inputs in the page setup member of the macro in order to alter the output of each page. So any macros would have to be modified to suit based on your printer.