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    Macro to get entities & entity points

    Darren Smith

      Can I please ask for help regarding a quick question?


      Using a SolidWorks VBA Macro, is it possible to do the following on a SolidWorks Part (SLDPRT)?


      I have attached a sample part.


      The part consists of various, different, sketches, each sketch consists of several different lines, arcs or circles.


      The Macro Would Work Something like……


      For Each “Sketch” In The SolidWorks Part

                     For Each “Sketch Entity” In The “Sketch”

                                      Select Case “Sketch Entity” Type

                                                     Case “LINE”

                                                                      Get The Start And End Points Of The Line (X1,Y1 & X2, Y2)

                                                      Case “ARC”

                      Get The Arc Centre Point (XC, YC), Its Radius (R) And Its Start Angle (SA) & End Angle (SE)

                                                      Case “CIRCLE”

                                                                      Get The Circle Centre Point (XC, YC) And Its Radius (R)

                                      End Select

                     Next “Sketch Entity”

      Next Sketch


      Output the data to the “DEBUG” Window


      Kindest Regards