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    How to make sequential 2D slices from a sketched part?

    Ali Ha

      Hello all.

      I'm completely new to SW and need some helps.

      I have sketched a 3D part representating a porous medium.

      Now i want to divide the output to a sequence of .bmp files, each bmp file representating a 2D slice layer of my 3D part in x direction. (my part is attached), because i have to build a .raw file as an input to my scientific numerical simulator (lattice boltzmann flow solver).


      Could you please kindly help me how to make 2D files from my part?



      To make my point clear, i have attached a .rar file including a sequence of bmp files representating two hemisphers. (and i want to make similar outputs from my part)


      Every guides and tutorials will be fully appreciated