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    Omar Freites

      Hi there,


      Can somebody give me any suggestion with this?:


      Suppose that i have an assembly doc named " Test Assembly"  and contains: 4 components named "Part1", 6 components named "Part2" and 12 components named "Bolts".


      If I write for example:


      Dim sldworks as Object

      DIm part as object


      set sldworks= Application.sldworks

      set part = sldworks.activedoc


      part.extension.Selectbyid2("Part1-1@Test Assembly","component",....)




      I would like to know how I can obtain the number FOUR (number of components named Part1) using other method or property... (in excel would be something like this "part.extension.selectbyid2(....).count")


      I have tried with getcomponentcount but do not works as i want (return the number of all components in the assembly and do not support the selectbyid2 method). I know that a BOM do this automatically but i need obtain the number to do a custom bill in excel !!


      Thanks in advance