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Anyone run 2 dispatch commands one after the other?

Question asked by Jerry Wolverton on Dec 5, 2013

I have two dispatch commands created.  The first one is simple, it automatically checks in a file that is added to a specific folder, which puts the file in a staging state.  In my work flow, I make any file in this folder automatically transition, which has actions to set 2 variables, to another state.  This new state should trigger the second dispatch command to run, which overwrites the previously copied from variables to values we now use. From this state, all the files are automatically transitioned again to a ready-to-edit state for everyone to use.


I can run the two dispatch commands separately, and they work, but they do not work together.  It is like the first command won't let then second one run when it hits the import state.


If I check the files in manually after adding them to the folder (ie. not use the first dispatch command), the automatic transitions and the second dispatch command are called properly.  However, I was hoping to do both of them in one step.


I cannot combine the two dispatch commands because I require the first automatic transition to copy over some variable values to different card variables.  Dispatch won't let me do this until the file is initally checked in.  I tried checking in and out multiple times in a single dispatch, but only my last check in was called and it skipped all my variable manipulation.  And since I cannot call a transition from dispatch, I can't get rid fo the automatic transitions.


I attached a pic of my workflow loop, the first transition actions, and the second dispatch command.  I did not show the first dispatch command, but it is a simple during adding (after) start block, check in, and end block.


Maybe I'm forcing something here, but thought I'd check if someone else found a way around this.


Using Solidworks 2014 sp1 and epdm 2014 sp1.