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    CSWP sample exam- Equation Problem

    Maria Rosaria Palminteri

      Hello everyone!


      I am trying to prepare for CSWP CORE exam and I was trying to work on the sample that is available from SW.


      All is fine expect I am encountering a problem with the equation. I have created a bunch of global variables, but when I try to update each of them for answering a new question it simply takes a lot of time.


      I am not re-building automatically, but as soon as I enter a value inside a global variable, it takes a lot to update.


      I am concerned about this since I think it may make minutes run out during the real exam. Has anyone suggestions for improving this?


      Here there are the equations I am using.






      "C"= 170





      "D2@Boss-Extrude4"  = "D" - 10



      "D1@Cut-Extrude2"  = "D"

      "D1@Sketch9"="B"/3 +10mm

      "D2@Boss-Extrude5" = "D" - 10


      "D1@Cut-Extrude3"  = "D"

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          Tim Coble



          With the exception of how you set up the offset of the bores ("D2@Boss-Extrude4"  = "D" - 10 - I used offset in the extrude feature), everything looks OK. 


          The one thing I did differently was to make some of the dimensions equal to each other.  For example: "D1@Sketch10" = "D1@Sketch8"  instead of having both equal to "E".  The same thing can be done for D and C.  It may help your processing time.


          I completed the first segment of the core exam this past Saturday and I had no problem with time.  You'll probably be fine.


          Good luck!