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Transition task based on logged in user to write variable to card

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Jon Malack

I know how to setup a transition task that will write a variable to the data card, however I want to drive this task based on the logged in user. We have two individuals that can approve drawings and send them to a "Released" state. Our drawing packages can be quite large so I want to write the approver and approver date to data card for all files that pass through the transistion. I need to setup two transitions, one for each user. Now the logical person would select the transition with his name on it however I want to ensure Fred can't use Berts transition and vice versa. This would be used for the checkers as well.


I use "Special Values" on the data cards like <Current State> and can use

<Current User (Login Name)> on the card as well. However I can't figure out how to use that information in a task.


Granted I may be over complicating the process but does anyone have any ideas or have done something like this?



If the manager signs the assembly card, approver and approver date entries can that be used to drive the rest of the files referenced to the assembly? I can't see it.



Thanks the help on this.


Jeff Thomas

Seanic Ocean Systems