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EPDM User permissoins

Question asked by Nayshil Singh on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Tim Webb

I would like to know how you would handle the following scenario in EPDM:


We have multiple users and multiple projects on the go at the same time (the term project is simply a folder in the vault with the clients name)  A user can be working on more than one project per day.  In one project (let's call it Project A), we can have user "Engineer1" with limited access (For example, no permission to approve drawing).  However, Engineer1 is allowed to approve drawings in a different project.  So, what we have here is Engineer1 changing roles from "engineer" to "manager" based on what project he is working on.  This will create some difficulties in terms of permissions.  We can assign folder level permissoins for Engineer1 but how do we handle other types of permissions(State & Transition) that are project specific?