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Spool a strap around a barrel

Question asked by Jeffrey Bourque on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Feroz Mahomed

Hello All

I am new to the forums and new to solidworks although I have been trying to pratice often.

I have a design idea that I am trying to simulate.

Basically it is a variable inductor that is created by two barrels with a 1/4" wide strap anchored on one end to one of the barrels and anchored on the other end to the other barrel.

The strap is wrapped around one barrel as a start point with it spanning over to the anchorer point of the other barrel.


For discussion purpose:

Barrel A is made from insolated material and Barrel B is metal.

As the strap un wraps from barrel A it wraps around barrel B.

The inductor value now get smaller and smaller as it wraps the strap from A to B barrel.


I do not want someone to just give me a working file although seeing a simulation and a explanation on how it was done would get me started.


Any suggestions on how to do this?


Thanks all

I attached a Picture as example