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    PDMWorkgroup User

    Simon González

      Hi everybody!


      I'm working on a new macro under Solidworks 2012 x64. This macro needs some info that I'm trying to get but I can't.

      Working under the assumption that the user is running the macro is logged in PDMWorkgroup, I'd like to get that username. Is there any way to get it?



        • Re: PDMWorkgroup User
          Matt Martens

          I have tried in the past to use the current users credentials but couldn't find a way to determine who the current user is. I was able to log in and access the users and their passwords but could never determine who the current user is.


          I also have never found a way to get the active PDMWorks connection. I have always had to use CreateObject("PDMWorks.PDMWConnection") to access the vault connection throught the API.