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Admin Image Installation issues with Toolbox

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by Scott Baugh

I cannot be the only person having issues with major releases and upgrades with Toolbox. Since 2012 its been an absolute nightmare.


Major release


1) Directly prior to installation I upgrade TB to the latest version using the update Toolbox database utility

2) Within the image I have TB going to "C:\Solidworks Data", then I have a program running afterwards that deletes the local TB and repoints the registry to the server location.


When the user opens SW they are prompted with this message twice (it always happened in 2012, but since going to 2013 it started happening twice)




SP upgrade


1) Since the users are all pointed to the server install of TB when doing an upgrade, I have to run a program at the beginning that creates a local folder "C:\Solidworks Data", then removes the TB registry entry and points it back to the local PC.

2) I use the same After program to remove the TB it just installed locally and points the registry to the server location.


Just like above the user is prompted with the same message twice:



If I do not follow this every time for each major release and SP all the users installation will fail and with over 200 users trying to install SW it becomes a real hassle when installation problems occur.


Our VAR told me they thought after the TB is upgraded to the latest version that everyone else that is installing that version (Assuming the image is pointing to the server now) the install would see the updated TB and just ignore it. I tested that and every person on hte image tries to update the TB that was already updated and it fails. Just removing TB like I did above gets around the problem.


We had consider not using TB anymore at all and just go strictly Logopress's TB. I cannot imagine I am the only person having to work around this issue. Has anyone else seen this issue and if so what did you do or is SW even aware of the chaos this is causing?