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Adding a configuration specific global variable to a drawing

Question asked by Paul Hammerstrom on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

Here is what I am trying to do. I basically have a cup (it looks more like a shot glass ). I want to list the volume capacity of the cup in the drawing, and I want this done automatically so that when I create a new "cup" the new volume is shown in the drawing. It is not a straight cylinder and has some radius's on it, so I can't just do a basic volume calculation based on the dimensions.  I have created 2 configurations (inner shell, outer shell) in the part. One is the actual cup geometry and another is the volume that the cup holds. The part is in inches, but I need the volume on the drawing to be in cc's. So I created a global variable called metricvolume to convert from in^3 to cm^3.


In the drawing I could not find a way to link a note to a global variable. So in the model I went to file properties and created a property called metvolume. Under type it is listed as Text (it won't let me put in anything else). Under Value/Text Expression I put "metricvolume@Inner Shell@EXO-7190-1new.SLDPRT".  It is giving me the correct value under evaluated value ONLY IF I am in the Inner Shell configuration. If I change configurations it evaluates metvolume of the ACTIVE configuration even though I have "metricvolume@Inner Shell@EXO-7190-1new.SLDPRT" listed uner Value/Text expression. So in a drawing, when I link a note to metvolume it shows the value of the active configuration in the model. I want it to always show the value of metvolume for the inner shell configuration no matter what the active configuration is set to.


Other things I have tried are setting up metvolume under the configuration specific tab with the value set to the corresponding value expression for that specific configuration. This still shows metvolume of the active configuration rather than the actual value of the configuration. Hopefully I am making sense here.


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?