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Configurations with Custom Properties in Design Tables not Working after SW2013 SP2

Question asked by Chris Stanley on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by Mladen Pavlovic



I have been using design tables and configuration properties to control my dimensions in my part files.  There seems to be a change in the way SW handles these properties since SW2013 SP3.0 was released and I'm unable to find the work around.


Below is my step by step process when creating my parts with a design table and configuration properties.


  1. Create a new part.
  2. Create all the features and sketches manually.
  3. File -> Properties...  -> Configuration Specific.  Create variables (such as ID, OD, Height), set as numbers, enter initial values.
  4. Go into each sketch/feature and reference the variables in the dimensions (such as ="ID").
  5. Create design table.  Close the design table without adding any references.  Reopen the design table and add the variables created earlier (such as $PRP@ID).
  6. Create additional configurations in the design table. Close design table.


The above process was how I've created my part files in SW2012 and SW2013 up to SP2.0.  All the variables are updating as expected.


In SW2013 SP3.0 and up, the equations do not update when selecting configurations.


I noticed there was a change in the way the equation editor wants to add the variables in the equations.


SW2012 input



SW2013 input



Anyone who has experiance with this problem or know a better way to make configurations, please let me know.