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Saved view orientation for multiple renders problem

Question asked by Ivan Loewen on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by Ivan Loewen

First off... I've done a quick search and found what seems to be the best way to do consistent renderings of multiple products/configurartions: insert into a 'studio' assembly with presaved camera views.


Makes sense, however, before I knew this I was deep into a project where I saved a custom view orientation I was satisfied with and had many display states that I used for multiple renders. Each image is identical, only colors and materials change. Cool... until a week later I open this project and add some more display states with different colors and the rendered image (using the same saved view) looks slightly zoomed in compared to the previous. It's still at the same angle but just a tad bigger and maybe slightly skewed perspective, hard to tell.


Has anyone had this behaviour or have a clue as to what could cause this? Seems glitchy to me...