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PV360 Preview screen size problem

Discussion created by George Skribas on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by George Skribas

Hello guys,


I have a very weird problem regarding the size of the preview window of PV360.


I cannot change it and it is getting smaller every few days!!!!!! This started a few months ago. I had no problem with this or any other computer for the last 4 years, neither i have changed Solidworks version or Service Pack.


My problem is that i cannot shrink this greyish area to fit the two toolbars in hegiht and so cannot maximize the preview window. Has anyone faced anything like this before?


I am running Solidworks 2010 SP0.0 (i know this is a very early SP of Solidworks 2010 but it didnt give me any problems till now)

Computer specs are:

Processor i3 -2400k

Nvidia Quadro 2000K

16GB RAM 1600MHz

Windows 7 ultimate x64