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Odd behavior when working with files from multiple directories?

Question asked by James Meintjes on Dec 4, 2013

I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or a bug, but it's something quirky I've noticed while working with documents saved in different directories. Solidworks seems to "forget" what directory a part is in sometimes, and works from the directory that another recently saved document resides in.


For instance; this morning I came into work and opened a part file from the "R"-key recent documents list. "X:\ Company A \ Finals \ 123456 \ 456_manifold.prt"


Last night before I left, I was finishing up a quote. "X:\ Company B \ Quotes \ 654321 \ 321_bcp.prt" could have been the last part I saved.


Today, I hit File -> "Make New Drawing From Part", expecting it to tell me "A drawing already exists for the part, would you like to open it?" but instead, it popped up a totally bizarre error message that I wish I had taken a screenshot of. Something along the lines of "Drawing 456_manifold.drw could not be found in X:\ Company B \ Quotes \ 654321 \".


I'll maybe pay more attention to the folder which solidworks defaults to when I save documents more often, but I've already gotten used to working around it by being extra careful using "Save As..." whenever I switch between jobs. I open files in a variety of ways; Drag-and-Drop, through the File -> "Open" dialouge, and through the "R"-key recent files pop-up menu. It seems like somtimes Solidworks will realise what directory it should default to, but not all of the time. I don't know if this is feasible or not, but it seems like making the "Save As..." dialouge directory default to the directory from which the currently active part in Solidworks was opened or imported from would make working on multiple jobs throughout the course of the day far easier. Sometimes when I haven't had my fifth cup of coffee for the morning, my vigilence will slip and I'll acidentally save a hundred component assembly that I imported from a .xt file into the directory for the last job I was working on, which can be kind of a mess to clean up.