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Weldment Cutting List dimensions

Question asked by Daniel Augustyn on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi everybody.


I have created a frame out weldments in Solid Works. I have imported the frame into a drawing and updated the cutting list of the 3D model.

Now in drawing view I went to Annotations, clicked on Tables and on Weldment Cut List. This gives me well layed out cutting list

with Item No, Qty, Description and Length as column headings. Listed below that is listed the relevant information for items.


No the issue I have is, I reality if you look at the frame there are 6 items, each with relevant quantities that make up the frame.

But the cutting list says there are 18 items. This is because the dimensions of the different items are given as 2600,49mm.


So instead of having:


ITEM NO.     QTY     DESCRIPTION                    LENGTH    

1.                    3       25X25ALU SQ TUBE           2600



I have:


ITEM NO.     QTY     DESCRIPTION                    LENGTH

1.                    1       25X25ALU SQ TUBE           2600.49

2.                    1       25X25ALU SQ TUBE           2600.16

3.                    1       25X25ALU SQ TUBE           2600.25


This is just for example. Obviously in reality these three items are THE SAME LENGTH and should be listed as 1 items, but

because there is a few 100th of a millimeter difference in the length, Solid Works in all its power classifies it as 3 items.

This is fine to an extend when you have a 3D model with 10 or 20 extrusions but when it comes to 100 or 200 extrusions in reality Solid Works created

a cutting list that is maybe 500 items long.


I'm sure there is a quick and effective way around this but I have been looking and haven't had any success.


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?