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Network rendering: clients start rendering and freeze after first job

Question asked by Johannes Schumann on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by Anna Wood

Could not find a solution for my problem in the forum dicussion about the network rendering.

My network rendering settings seem to be correct. I use two clients. I use a common temporary rendering directory in network. The status display on the client software is correct.


I start the rendering, the two blue spot areas of the two clients appear on my rendering screen, the clients say: "rendering". Then the client software freeze (no response) on both clients, and the blue rendering spots on my rendering screen do not move any further (sometimes they make one more step and freeze then). The rendering master is going on rendering and finish rendering without help from the clients. If this is done, the clients say: "rendering done".


What the h... is that? I already tried to deactivate the internet connection, I tried the Google DNS, nothing helps.

Could this be a network problem?


I use windows 7 / 64bit


Thanks for ideas...