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    Pc requirements for simulation

    Santos Lizcano

      Hi, i am trying to find what would be the best or most efficent pc requirements for running CFD analysis on solidworks.

      does it all have to do with the processor? wich one would be best?

      or is it the grphic card? how about something like a render farm, but for flow simulation?

      like a wind tunnel for analyzing parts...

      how does a macpro compare with a pc regarding flow simulation performance?

      sorry if i have a lot of questions, but i really dont know much about this subject...

      thanks for any help.

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          Bill McEachern

          My thoughts on priority would be this:

          clock speed

          # of cores and or dual sockets

          lots of ram - all solution must run in core


          video card - mid range - K4000 or something close. No advantage in spending more dough here.


          I run a dual socket Xeon hex core at 3.3GHz or so with 48GB non-registered ECC , 7200 rpm SAS system disk and a 480 GB SSD in a PICe slot for the working disk and a Quadro 6000 (I don't recommend a high end video card).

          Hope that helps

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            Jared Conway

            bills got it


            check customerportal.solidworks.com > knowledgebase for more info about how important CPU is


            don't go too crazy on ram until you figure out how big your problem actually is. spend it on cpu and an ssd and win 7 x64

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              Mark Keown

              Many years ago I would go to a speed shop and the sign going in said 'Speed Cost Money' and the sign going out said 'Now That You Have It What Are You Going To Do With It?'

              I saw an analysis put out by the Flowtherm group that showed 6 cores is optimum.  There analysis showed a slight drop in speed over 6 core.

              Check out xicomputers.com for good ideas on CAD work station configurations.

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                  Santos Lizcano

                  Thanks all for your answers, let me tell you that i built a pc (based on charles culpp advice) for modeling mainly, and now i am looking into buying the flow sim module and try to do CFD analysis for our customers, and i thought that this pc may not do well or fast enough...

                  the built pc:

                  intel core i7 3770k @3.5ghz

                  win 8.1 64x

                  32 gb ram

                  amd fire pro 4900 video card

                  512 gb ssd

                  noctua cpu cooler

                  basically for modeling, since i dont do much rendering...

                  then i saw the macpro and was wondering if it has some advantages or not...




                  *goes running to customerportal.solidworks.com and xicomputers.com