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    "Detailing" a hollow cylinder

    Mike Howard

      As stated, I am trying to basically extrude parts on a cyinder. Unsure why I am having so many issues..


      This item is the piece of tin on a regular pencil holding on the eraser and pencil.


      So far I have tried editing by creating a tangent plane but it give me errors (do not feel like this would be accurate anyway). Then I am trying to work with the wrap feature with no avail either, simply gives me errors of "wrap failed, could not use any given countures." This does not matter if the piece is longer then the desired wrap length, shorter, or "exact."


      Just looking for advice on makin the grooves as you would see on one of the piece of tin of a wood pencil. Thanks for any advice.

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  I would recommend a revolve such as the file I attached.  This one is simplified with random sketch dimensions, but it should be enough for you to get the idea.  If you already have the cylinder, you can use a Revolved Cut to create the grooves.  If this doesn't answer your question please give more details, or post your part for us to look at (click on "Use advanced editor" at top right to attach files).  In either case, please respond and let me know if this helped.

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            Dan Stauch

            Are you doing this as an assembly or as a single part?


            Either way, create a seperate body (whether it is a part or another body (not merged) in the base) and create all the details as one mass (not hollow). After the part is as you desire, shell the part.


            I have attached a very dumb part, no consideration for proper dimensions, but to give an idea what I am talking about.