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    Custom Properties Tab to Drive Part Features?

    Matthew Elgie



      I am working on trying to set up 'Start-parts' for everyone to use. I am trying to make most of the basic constructions of the part driven by the custom property tab. So far I managed to get features to suppressed or unsuppressed, overall dimensions to adjust depending on values entered, and material changes to function.


      These are all very basic and intuitive for me to figure out. Now I am getting into some very complex function and equation building, and my understand on equations and programming in Solidworks is very basic.


      I was hoping for some help on trying to figure out how to have an excel list of raw materials, and the material in the part drive the following features in the part:

      -Change the color to match the color highlighted on the excel document colors depending on raw material chosen from the list and part material in solidworks

      -Change the K-Factor and bend radius Depending on Raw Material

      -And to change the configuration of a part within the piece part to match the raw material from the drop down list.


      I am not even sure if any or all of this is possible, and know it may be overly complicated, but I hoping that this will help me understand solidworks equations in much more detail for future use and how objects can interact with each other depending on the equation.


      I will attach the files I am using to and maybe that will help you understand where I am going with this.




      Here is an If Statement I tried to determining the K-Factor depending on the material chosen, but I kept getting syntax errors due to the letters instead of just numbers I believe.


      "K-test"=iif ( "Raw Material"; 20 GA .036 : 970XXXXXXX, .4 , .1)