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Question asked by Lawrence Kiefer on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by Lawrence Kiefer

Attached is a simple dispatch I am working on. What I am trying to do is as follows.


  1. Run Dispatch
  2. If the data card variable "description" is empty open edit box window to fill in description. BUT if this fiels is not empty then jump to the end.


I bassically want a check for data card properties. Eventually I will set this up for all fields in my data card. I am simply trying to get it to work on one variable first.

The user should be propted to input a value for any empty fields, and not continue until they enter somthing.....once they enter somthing into this fiels, it should procede to the next variable field. Once all data card fields have values, the dispach should end.


If anyone can help with this i would really appretiate it.