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solidworks 2013 with dual graphics cards

Question asked by Joe Hobbs on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by Joe Hobbs

I'm running a dell t3600 with dual k600's running two monitors (one graphics card per monitor).  This config was chosen for me before I started the job a month ago.  I continue to run into intermittent display port issues when running Solidworks 2013 in dual screen mode.  When they occur, the display port issue follows the file/window from left to right monitor.  If the file/window is expanded to full size (across both monitors), the problem remedies itself.  When the file/window is resized to one monitor, the issue reoccurs.


I'm looking for some conclusive information about compatibility of Solidworks with this dual card setup so I can help our remote IT provider to remedy the problem, OR go to the boss with a req for a better single card to replace the dual k600's.


Anyone out there have experience running SW with dual cards?  Or seen a display port issue like this?