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    Making fields Driven in Property Tab Builder?

    Matthew Elgie



      I am trying to create a custom property form to be used to help set up parts more consistantly for our PDM that we will implament soon.


      I am wanting to add the K-Factor field in to the custome properties in order to make sure that is can picked up by our drawing templates consistantly without the designers having to think about it. So I added the field in the Property Tab Builder, and I added the K-Factor field, and it works fine.


      The problem is that the designer can still go in and manually over ride the K-factor field, and break the link to the parts actual K-factor in the SheetMetal1 property. Is there a way to have this field visable, but make it a driven value by the part? Similar to have it functions with the Mass, Surface Area, Ect.?


      I want to also try and eliminate any need for the designer to open the property window unless absoluty neccary to try and minimize the chance of the designer from messing up any fields that are set up to drive functions with in the part.


      Do the brackets used for Mass -ex: [SW-Mass] - work for other functions I have tried just replacing " with ] but that doesn't work.



      Any information would be helpful, or even potential work arounds?