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do you think this is a good choice for a new workstation?

Question asked by Iftach Galler on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by Lukasz Siwiec

hi there


I made some bid and got 2 quote from dependable computer guys,

both said to buy brand since here in Israel I get guarantee at the user house the next morning day and it is critical,


besides: both recomended HP Z420 E5 1620

Nvidia quadro K2000



RAM - 12GB DDR3 1866 ECC ( he said it is better thab 16GB "regular" ram)


do you think it is good combination?

does the graphic card good?


I am engineer, do a lot of heavy work in parts having many features, edit parts in big Assys, But dont do heavy rendering.

also I run SW plastics on the backround.


like to get recomendations