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Path Mate for Disk

Question asked by Cong Dang on Dec 3, 2013



I am having an issue with path mate in asseblies for properly defining motion for setting a certain path for a disk.  I am trying to model a path for a disk using the path mate with 2 different points in a 3D sketch that follows a parallel path.  What i did was create a line that contains 2 points in a sketch in the disk part.  Next, I created the path in a 3D sketch in another part and extruded the path.  The distance of the line created in the disk part is that same extruded distance of the path I created.  I did a path mate with each point to each end of the path and it is following the path just fine.  What I am trying to accomplish next is have the disk move in the path without rotating but I am having a tough time constraining the disk so that the disk doesnt rotate as it moves along that path.  Does anyone have any clues to help me out?  Solid files are zipped and assembly is set.