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    Dynamic Load condition

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      Any body know what is type of cosmos that can handle dynamic load condition ?
      What I mean about "dynamic" is like load that appled to car, motorcycle or another moving part / assy. We know that land / a road / way is not smooth. So, the load is changeble depend on the condition of the road.

      Any body can help me........

        • Dynamic Load condition
          genexxer genexxer
          Natural frequency studies can help you visualize the dynamic character of a structure. At each natural frequency, the structure will tend to deform. Design changes like adding stiffeners or mass will affect natural frequencies. What isn't visualized is the amplitude of the deformation-only the eigenvalue...sort of a unit-vector if you had Halliday and Resnick for freshman college physics. So depending on the amplitude of the force and the damping you will see more or less response from the structure. cosmos works doesn't do harmonic analysis or any kind of dynamic simulation besides impact and natural frequency analysis. It does display the displacement and deformation that can be compared between cases of loading, materials and geometry.
            • Dynamic Load condition
              Brett Pond
              It seems to me that what you are after is a stress/straindistribution under dynamic loading.  Without purchasingvehicle dynamics software, your best bet is to manually calculatethe impact your worse case dynamic load based on your vehiclemasses and suspensions and do a static analysis using that load. That will give you a rough idea what stresses your vehiclewill encounter.