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Question asked by Kevin Moreau on Nov 30, 2013
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I would like to have some information about how solidworks deals with displacement results in simulation. I am designing a Moment Resisting Frame and when I ask the displacements from solidworks, it gives me impossible values. about 120 meters in the x-direction. I figured there was something wrong in the material I used or maybe the beam section was not set properly... Here are the details of my analysis.


the columns are W36x280 (W920x488 metric)

the beams are W12x40 ((W310x60 metric)


Those are not necessarly the column I will use in my design, I juste tried to use huge columns in the analysis and see if it would change the displacement (it did but 120 meters is still unrealistic)


MRF Displacement.jpg

Material Properties.jpg

I will also attach a zip file of the part with the analysis results if anyone wants to play with it and maybe tell me what I did wrong


Thanks in advance