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Error with Toolbox/Hole Wizard SW 2013 Student Windows 8 x64

Question asked by Shawn Walker on Nov 30, 2013
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I am learning Solidworks right now and I have the Student Edition (2013) installed on my machine running Windows 8 Pro x64 version.  Solidworks installs and operates flawlessly except for the Hole Wizard.  When I try to open the Hole Wizard (either through the options or as though I am adding holes to a part) I get an error saying...


Error1 Picture


Then, when I try hitting the "Configure..." button in the options menu I get this error...


Error2 Picture


I have tried to download and install any version of MDAC and I cannot find one that runs on an x64 processor.  I have downloaded the MS Office SDK, Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 and the Windows SDK trying to find some combination of the files that will work with no luck.  Hopefully someone has an answer other than dragging my 10 year old x86-based computer out of my closet and hoping for the best.


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Computer Info:

Windows 8 Pro x64

Intel Quad Core i7 with 16gbs of RAM

Nvidia GTX 670 with 2gbs RAM Driver -