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Scheduled Network Render issues

Question asked by Filip Tejszerski on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by Anna Wood

Anyone been having any issues with animation renders via scheduled network rendering in Photoview 360 2013 sp4?


For a while now we have been seeing these issues:

1. Solidworks task scheduler stalls at scheduled launch time.

2. Render nodes fail to contribute, although visible clients.

3. Task scheduler stops before finishing all tasks.


Many tests have been done to eliminate potential causes, inlcuding:

1. Disabled firewall and anti-virus

2. Upgrade all machines to SP4

3. Manually enter shared network directory in UNC pass format.

4. Switching computers, isolating from network.

5. Allowing unlimited read/write access to shared locations.


From scheduler not launching at all to begin with, we have managed to get successful scheduled network render tasks completing most of the time by following the soltuions above. However, some nodes still drop-out and confidence in the network render part of the software is low.