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    Unable to apply an imported texture

    Ryan Pleckaitis

      I am trying to insert my company logo as a header for the current composer view and working on and I having an issue importing the jpeg.


      1. I add a new "image" panel to the view and size it appropriately.

      2. With the panel selected, I navigate to the properties tab and click the "Map Path" address.

      3. I select the specfic .jpeg logo and click OK. Nothing happens and it remains the default "solidwork" logo.


      Not sure why I am unable to select a new image.


      Please note that I have tried importing the .jpeg logo on all of the image panels  "image" "2D image" "vector image" etc...


      Thanks for any assistance.


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          Derek Parks



          You are doing the correct workflow for adding your file. I would call your VAR to see if you just have a bug. If you are using version 2013 if I were you I would create a .bmp for your logo and drop it into your image library. This will give you access to a simple drag and drop for your logo in any view and file you want.