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    Export SolidWorks "SLDASM" To Text File Problem (Part Numbers)

    Darren Smith

      Can anybody help????


      Please see the attached macro.


      I can get an assemblies (SLDASM) part name, description and quantity using a vba macro


      What I cannot get is the parts Item number.


      For example,


      Say I had a SLDASM containing 5 parts with one of those parts being a sub-assembly I need the output to be something like


      1          Side Plate                    1

      2          Bottom Plate                2

      3          Bearing Assembly         1

      3.1       Bearing Housing            1

      3.2       Ball Bearing                  1

      3.3       M10 Screws                  8

      4          Machine Guard              1

      5          Cover                            2


      It is the Item numbers I am having trouble with (the first column)


      Many thanks in advance!!!