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    Cardan and pin analysis-gap problem

    Oren Wein

      Hi Everyone.


      I attached an assembly of cardan, pin and a shaft, I'm trying to do an analysis of force and tourqe but without any success (I got 2700 Mpa which seems unreasonable)


      the force is 330 N and the tourqe is 15 n-m (able to see it in the study tab).

      global contact "no penetration".


      I have a gap between the pin and the cardan and the shaft (which supposed to be)ASSY000094.JPG


      can someone help me, Please....




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          Jared Conway

          What should the answer be? And where did you get that answer?


          Do you get any errors running he analysis?


          Are the displacements correct? What about overall forces?

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              Oren Wein

              First- Thanks for your reply.

              Second- The answer is more about 800 MPa, but that's not the problem, the problem is when I isolate the pin for the results, it's seems that its doesn't participant in the study (between 0-1.6 Mpa), I definitely doing something wrong.

              the pin should have von mises results more then 800 MPa.

              we have clients complaints about that the pin which shares under these forces and torques.

              Have you looked at my study??? Let me remind you that I have a small gap between the pin and the parts (like in "real life").


              I got the answer after calculate it (with shigly's help-there is a same case in his book).

              I didn't get any errors (except about the mesh but after changing it to more fine mesh, the error  disapeared) and I get results.

              The displacments are also incorrect.

              most of the force and tourqe should be on the pin because its keeps the 2 other parts together.


              Please see attached picture (no stress on the pin like it should be)


              Sometimes  I get "global contact search" under "no penetration".




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                  Jared Conway

                  I don't have access to solidworks, answering in my mobile.


                  My suggestion is to start by eliminating the gaps in your model. Start simpler.


                  And also remove the no penetration and go with bonded.


                  get that working first.


                  Then try with a virtual pin instead of a modeled one.


                  Then you can start looking at the no pen example.


                  I suspect that your pin isn't actually part of the sim which is why things aren't working and that maybe you have inertial relief or soft spring sit get it to work.


                  You may also want to post the errors you are seeing sometimes, they may be relevant.