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Editing After Assembly

Question asked by Robert Severne on Nov 28, 2013

Hi All!


I've got a part modelled up, along with the table of the machine + clamping devices etc. We're going to use a false bed to clamp the job to, but I need to remove some of the false bed as a model before it has any toolpaths put on it, else it will avoid the false bed entirely and miss out cuts. I was planning on creating an assembly of all the components, saving as a stp/igs file to form one complete model, then using the data off the job (side holes possitions, outside profiles etc) to cut-extrude into the false bed clearing the way for cutters and back ends. Except when I reopen the IGS or the STP files in solidworks it opens into the assembly manager, and each of the constituent components are still components, meaning I can't use any data off any of them in a sketch which I then use on the False Bed component (I don't think).


Is there a way for me to stop solidworks storing the background info on these parts, or to make sure it just saves as a single model all together. Or, is there a way in solidworks to use features in an assembly or from other components to create sketches I can then use to cut bits of model off another part. baring in mind please that I'm not so great with this and I'm pretty sure my assembly is out of rotation with the other parts somehow...


Thanks for any help in advance