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    How do I get Draftsight to work on my imac?

    Des Ballard

      I want to use draftsight on my imac.  I have used it before but now it will not startup.  I think you need to re register every 12 months??


      so I have tried downloading the newest version but it will not work.  Here is the message that I get:


      "This product is not licensed or has expired"  This was the message I got before we went and downloaded the newest version.





      This is the message I get from the newest version:  Which might I add has the logo with a circle and diagonal line through it.


      "You cannot use this version of the application DraftSight with this version of Mac OS X"




      It is a Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 and it has a Intel Core 2 Duo  which is a 64 bit cpu.



      What can I do to make Draftsight work?


      I thought about uninstalling Draftsight then trying again, but am worried I might loose the drawings that have already been made???

      Also do I just drag the desktop icon to the rubbish bin to uninstall mac apps?