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How to achive adjustable height of hand rails  between 12" to 24"

Question asked by Shravankumar Rajbhar on Nov 27, 2013

Daer friends,


please suggest some engineering solution / mechanism that height can be adjusted between 12" to 24 " see image arm rest.jpg.


also once user put hand on ot and apply pressure, he should be able to stand on disc.


handrails are fixed on platform. handrails should also breakaway or move completely inside the platform after its application done.


please suggest some ideas..


mechanism is same like handle of americam tourister bags, i.e it is comletly inside the bag, we can move it up, adjust height then it is fixed and firm at that height. thenafter the use of handle we can push it in bag completly.



please suggest that mechanism...


armrest(haidrails) fixed on sides (left and right) on platform, handrails should funchtion link a handle of bag.


it height shoul be adjusted and fixed, after use then completly inside platform.


platform height is 100mm.


please suggest some ideas...


thanking you,

shravan R