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    Assembly Mirror Part

    Christopher McNamara

      Hi everyone I was hoping someone could direct me to a quick fix for part mirroring in an assembly.


      I have a part that needs to be mirrored as an opposite hand version that is unlinked. This much I've gotten fairly easily. However is there a way to keep the appearance properties of the original part too? The originial part has already had all its appearance material properties and colors applied and would like to avoid redoing the work on the opposite hand part. Any way to do this?

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          Matt Martens

          You can do this with the mirror command>opposite hand version. There is an option to create a new file (make sure you give a name) and you can break the link to the original part.


          Be aware though, the mirror is created by inserting a Move/Copy Body feature at the end of the feature tree. Meaning, the sketches that create all the features will not be located in space where you would expect them. I would suggest you test it out before deciding to make the mirrored part this way.


          If you decide no to, you can save the existing as a copy and flip dimension and extrude directions to get your mirrored part.