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Photoview 360 crashing at preview window

Question asked by Mike Roberts on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by Donald Carter

I’m having a few problems with Photoview 360  rendering at the moment.

I’m using Solidworks 2013 sp2.0 64bit since about March 2013 & it’s been working fine with no crashes etc


Up until yesterday Photoview 360 was working great for my renders. Now when  I open a part/assy to render & click on the Photoview >Preview Window, the preview window will briefly flash up, but  then disappears. Solidworks then hangs for a minute or two (or crashes/stalls). I can’t do any renders at all


Ive tried this with old parts (created in previous version of solidworks) & with a fresh new test part created  in SW 3013


I phoned support & they’ve got me to update my graphics card driver which is now a recommended driver for my NVidia Quadro Fx 1800 (as shown through the solidworks Rx diagnostics tab). This didn’t fix the problem

Ive also done a repair of Solidworks through control panel, which completed ok but hasnt fixed Photoview.


A colleagues workstation is exactly the same spec as mine & he's not having any issues at all & can render fine


Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem & could give me some guidance please about anything ele I could try for a cure