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    Mirror sketches, request/how to?

    Jarad Berkman

      Not sure if it's possible in solidworks. But when mirroring a sketch i'd like to be able to use a referance axis. Also i'd like to go back to the mirror dialogue and add/remove entities to mirror.


      this is how it's done in NX.


      I've updated my template to include the 3 main referance axis, but i can't use them in sketches.



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          Kirkwood Hines

          Hi Jarad,


          I don't believe you can use construction lines from other sketches when using the mirror tool but it is very easy to just use Convert Entities to bring the reference axis into the sketch you are working on.


          There's no way to go back into the mirror dialogue for a sketch like you would for a Mirrored Feature but you can add additional mirrored lines with little effort and remove them by deleting the line. If you want to keep the line but get rid of the symetry, just Delete the Symetry relation.


          Hope this helps.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Welcome to the forum.  Kirkwood is right.  You can only mirror sketch entities about a line in the same sketch.  And you can't go back and edit the mirror sketch entities function.  He's also right about it being pretty easy to delete lines, or just add another mirror function if more lines are needed.  I have a hotkey for starting the function, and with the right-click to switch from selecting lines to mirror to the line to mirror about, and then right-click to close the function I never need to go to the PropertyManager.