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Extracting bolt loads for MS calcualtions

Question asked by Mark Wylie on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2013 by Jared Conway



I am running non-linear models of a metal chassis with preloaded bolts (say for example 2 kN). The resultant bolt forces will always be the preload (absolute) unless the forces are greater than this (2 kN +).


I need to determine my margins of safety, and for this I need to know the delta F. For example, if my applied loads would only produce 1 kN in the bolts, I can show that my design is 50 % lower that the preload.


I understand that the 2kN preload resultant forces are correct..that is what the bolt experiences because it is preloaded, but i am wondering how I can get my margins of safety. I thought that at some point during the solution process the bolt reaction forces must be calculated to prove that the don't exceed the preload....Any idea where I can pull this data from?


Regards and thanks in advance!


BTW my task is to perform bolt analysis in the chassis under SRS but I am doing a non-linear study using a time history of an SRS because SW does not allow bolted connectors in linear dynamic studies....what I really want to to perform an SRS and extract forces from where the bolts would be on the chassis. Any suggestions how I can work around this???