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DXF output - Arcs converted to muliple segment polylines.

Discussion created by Martin Cox on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2007 by Martin Cox
We regularly output DXFs at 1:1 scale for a CNC router, and found that certain arcs were converted to polyline segments in the DXF export when using SW 2007.
This is not acceptable for our CNC router, as the change of direction at each segment corner causes the cutter to stop & start.
I reported this to my VAR who sent it on to SW
This is the SPR:-
SPR 353664 - If arc size is bigger than 500, exporting it as DWG or DXF in scale 1:1 will get multiple segment polylines.
As a interim solution we have changed our DXF out drawing template to use metres as a unit, instead of milimetres. This allows the larger radiuses to output correctly (as long as they are smaller that 500m rad!)