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Train on rail simulation

Question asked by Reese Sgfs on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2013 by John Sutherland

Guys, I need your help!
I want to use contact in basic motion to create contact between wheels and the rail in a large assembly.
The large assembly consists of 2 subassemblies: train and the rail.


I have used "flexible" for the subassembly "train" to free the wheel and fixed the rail. The contact failed.
If I do not make the train flexible and just use contact and motor to make the wheels rotate, the train cant sit on the rail properly.


is it possible that the train and rail are not placed in a proper way when they are assemblies?  
I found that the shadow was on the left side of the train when i opened it as an assembly. but the rail is fine.
If it is the problem, what can i do to correct it??