Bill Van Der Plaats

dont get 3-d connextion control with sw2007

Discussion created by Bill Van Der Plaats on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2008 by Wayne Tiffany
I borrowed a space pilot from the user group I am from and tried it out for 2 months so far.

At first I thought it was a cool tool you could zoom and rotate and pan at the same time.

It took a little getting used to it and I thought it was helpful and you could have 8 shortcut keys programmed that helped too.

Then I installed sw2007 and yes it worked with 2007 but in 2007 normal with out a 3-d controller when you center click and rotate it rotates around the cursor.

On the other hand, the space pilot still acts like 2006 and rotates on center axis on the part. (unless you click a point that you want it to rotate around which I thought was not good because I was trying to reduce clicks not increase clicks.)

In conclusion I don't think the space pilot is worth the $500 it cost when you could just buy a gamers pad that has the arrow keys ,n52 which cost $40, and has 15 shortcut buttons.

My vars will disagree and have been using them on laptops for years now. I stopped by their place and told them what I thought of the space pilot and they said I didn't try it out long enough. So I told him to open a part and show me what it can do. He then opened a part and started zooming and panning and rotating. I told him to measure the width by rotating and ctrl clicking 2 faces. It took him a while to get it positioned but he got it. Then I did the same thing using the mouse only and it took half the time and it was more precise.

If you plan to get a 3d controller try it out first personally I think everyone would be better off taking the $500 one cost and throwing it into the computer for more performance.

It has a long learning curve and once you get there you are still slower than the free mouse that comes with your computer.

(also if you are wondering Yes i had the newest driver installed)