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    Grey background in animation

    Patrick Kuperus

      Hello everybody,


      When I save an animation of a simulation study, the background is grey instead of my chosen background.

      Does anybody know how to correct this?


      Gr. Patrick

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          Jared Conway

          what do you have your background set to?


          what version/service pack are you using?


          generally i have a white background (which isn't the default), and I believe the last time i created an animation it came out white.


          what graphics card are you using?


          and does this happen to everyfile? if you create a simple cantilever beam analysis and animate does it happen? might be worth posting here to have someone else check.


          also, have you checked the kb at customerportal.solidworks.com for any known issues?

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              Patrick Kuperus

              The weird thing is that when I restarted Solidworks, and made the same animation, this time it came out with a white background.

              This is not a problem because it kind a looks like what I was going for but it isn't the custom JPEG background I used.

              Is also didn't work with any other background tried.


              I'm using Solidworks Permium 2012 X64 SP1.0 with a NVIDIA Quadro FX3500 card.


              I can't post any files because it's for a customer but it only happens in the animation part of simulation.

              Movies and renderings work fine after fiddling around a lot because Solidworks likes te hold on to the first selected background, but nothing that a restart can't fix.


              I've checked out via search on the the web and on the Solidworks site and couldn't find the same problem. This of course doesn't mean someone hasn't had the same problem, I just can't find it.