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    Solidworks Performance is SLOW!!

    Kevin Tidball

      Wouldn't Solidworks be even faster if it resided in memory all the time?


      1- Why is there not an option for a PC with enough memory to load all the program?


      2- Why cant solidworks cache its own files to improve the save times?


      3- (The hard one) should Solidworks have its own RAM drive for file handling?


      4 - Why is there such a large discrepancy between  the block file transfer and the file load to solidworks? Now I know some will blame the network, but all resources are under 25% utilized.


      Our Workstations,

      CPU - 3930K  @ 4.4Ghz

      32GB of Trident Ram

      2 x Raid 0 Samsung Pro 128GB SSD

      Quadro 4000

      2 x HP 30" Monitors

      Solidworks 2013 Sp5


      CPU - 3770K  @ 4.5Ghz

      32GB of Trident Ram

      OCZ Revo3 PCIe 240GB SSD

      Quadro 2000

      2 x Samsung 27" Monitors

      Solidworks 2013 Sp5


      We do not work with ultra large files, up to say 700MB, the file we use as a test bed is a factory layout, see attached JPG,

      This file is 450 MB, 157 files


      Load times

      Local to Workstations

      First time 25-26 seconds, second load once in Windows Cache 19-21 seconds

      Pull down for Server over standard 1Gb Network

      First time 48-55 seconds, second load once in Windows Cache 38-42 seconds


      Time to block copy files from Server to Workstation 7-8 seconds


      What we have noticed saving files, be it local or to the Network, it can take up to 4 times as long.


      If you try to perform any action while Windows is "Thinking" (Sleeping) Solidworks can and will crash. This happens regularly enough that we save when leaving a part, assembly or drawing page


      I have estimated that my colleague  and I can loose up to 45 minutes a day each watching the Windows spinning wheel when working on larger files.

      The above times are a third the original times for a HP Z800 Workstation Xeon E2650, which we were using 6 months ago.


      Some tests performed,

      I set up a RAM Disk, loading and running Solidworks into RAM.

      Load times,

      Solidworks in RAM disk, File on SSD

      First time 15seconds, second load once in Windows Cache 12 seconds

      Solidworks in RAM disk, File on RAM disk

      First time 8seconds, second load once in Windows Cache 6-7 seconds ( file is too small now for accurate numbers)


      Note at present this has only been done as a test bed using trial installs of Solidworks, I have had stability problems with auto saving from the RAM drive, and worry that if I have a licence attached RAM disk I could end with a system lock up and no access to the Solidworks licence