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Mating notches with inside fillets

Question asked by Phillip Graham on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by Phillip Graham

I have some parts of an assembly that fit together with a keyed notch in each part, held in place via gravity. The parts are perpendicular to each other, and there is an equal notch in each part.


When I first draw them for an assembly, I use simple rectangular notches and coincident mate the bottom faces of the notches. This is fine for a schematic assembly. For the as-built parts cut via waterjet and mated, the notches must be slightly oversized and the inner corners of the notches must be filleted. The waterjet facility builds tool paths naively from exported DXFs, so the parts I send them must include the fillets and oversizing of the notches.



When creating a revised assembly to reflect the as-built parts, I've been able to partially constrain the components with the "width" matebut I cannot figure out how to mate the fillets, which touch each other at four points. How can I mate these two filleted notches?

Even further, I'd like to drive the notch depths to automatically account for the spacing needed from the fillet intersections. So I like to capture the separation distance between the mated fillets, and drive the overall notch depth based on this distance Any thoughts on how to do this?


I've attached an assembly showing schematic parts as oversized, and as filleted, but with the original naive mates (a perpendicular and coincident mate).


Apologies for the drive by post, and thanks in advance for any help.