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Error creating PMP: Specified cast is not valid

Question asked by Jon Kennedy on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by Adam Davidson



I'm working through Luke's excellent second book "Solidworks API: Advanced Product Development".

I'm trying to get the main Property Manager Page example from the book working.

It registers fine as an add-in but when it comes to creating the property manager page it comes up with this error:

"Error creating PMP: Specified cast is not valid"


I thought I may have made a mistake along the way so re-created the project using the example files that come with the book but get the same message.


The very basic example from earlier in the book where a Property Manager Page is created but has no event hooks / handlers works fine. My vague suspicion is its something to do with the difference between the Sldworks and ISldworks interfaces since this is different between the two examples in the book. But I'm pretty new to this game and am at a loss!


Anyone had a similar problem?

Anyone succesfully created this example with Soldiworks 2013 64bit?