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    EPDM Search Card Issue

    Tom Gabriel

      I am having an issue setting up variables within an EPDM search card.


      We have a variable called "Line Classification" which specifies which part of the world this particular file would belong to. So I have created a search card to find files bases on which "Line Classification" the files belong to.


      Everything works fine, except the "US" radio button. Within this "US" radio button, I set the variable "Line Classifcation" to find files that contain "US" in that field. I have also set a variable on the "Line Classification" to not return files with "EP" in that field.


      When running the search for "US" I am still returning files with "EP". I have attached some screanshots for more details. Can anyone help to resolve this issue?



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          Charley Saint



          You can't wuite build that logic into search cards like that. The option you showed in the second image would just disable the radio button if you had an entry box on the search card tied to line classification and you entered US in it. You will probably need to add a varaible control to another tab and use the same logic you have shown there when you run it, though you don't need the % signs. To make it easier for users you can save a favorite out for US with that logic already filled in and another for EP.

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              Tom Gabriel

              Thanks for the post Charley.


              An entry box isnt the solution I am after. I am trying to make this search dummy proof for other users. I thought the search cards were basiclly SQL queries. I can write SQL code to grab exaclty what I need, why cant that variable availablity transfer into the search card functionality?


              Basically i need an option for a button/ checkbox/ radio button to toggle between world areas. The differences between the US & EP is a challenge because the variable will include senarios like US_EP_CSP vs. US_CSP.


              I need to grab files for US simply with a variable contains "US", but does not contain "EP". I can capture the "EP" variable simply by adding the variable contains "EP".