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Discussion created by Tim Koritz on Dec 19, 2006
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A few questions/observations:

1. I cannot get the routing toolbar to appear. PDM Works has taken it over. There are two icons in the "toolbar selection window," both labeled "routing" and they have the PDM icon next to them. Clicking them toggles the PDM toolbar. Any suggestions on how to get the routing toolbar to appear? I can get the individual (electrical, piping, etc.) toolbars to appear. [There are also 2 icons for "edrawings 2007," isn't 1 icon enough?]

2. I have been using the routing component wizard to build my library. I have noticed that there is no way to enter pin information in the wizard. I have to enter it in when I open the library. It would be nice if I could do this in one step.

3. The routing component wizard does not load configurations of a part into the library. Do I have to enter each configuration seperately?

4. When I open the component library the text in the cells under "SolidWorks Document" appear red. Does this mean anything or is that the way its supposed to be?

5. The routing component wizard is not inserting clips into the component library. Is a clip not considered a component of an electrical route? It was in SW'06. Also, the wizard will not recognize a double clip (like the one that comes with SW).

Thanks in advance for any help, answers, and/or suggestions.
Happy Holidays.